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Finding my balance... slowly.

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

When I graduated from college, I was already far along in my pregnancy with my first child. I went from doing art for 30+ hours a week to none at all. Over the past four years I've come to slowly start finding my balance again.

I feel slightly embarrassed that it took me this long to get back into the swing of things, but I also know that learning to balance a part-time job, a young family, and an art career is no small task. I know that it doesn't come without some sacrifice and a lot of compromise. And so I spend my days engrossed in the everyday happenings of young motherhood and once the little ones are asleep (and if I'm lucky enough to still be awake myself), I art.

With so little time available to create, I feel this pressure to make sure that every moment counts. But I'm learning that it's okay to spend an evening making paint swatches and color mixing charts, or making a Pinterest board full of art inspiration, or researching new techniques and supplies. It's okay to experiment and try something new, even if that piece is discarded as a failure. As long as I'm finding time to be in my studio, I count that as a win.

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